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Aspiring to be The Best Driving School

  • This business is accredated by better business Bureau.
  • Highly experienced instructors.
  • Free pick-up/Drop-off service in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Beaumont.
  • Automatic Cars for training.
  • Theory classes available on weekend.
  • Intensive training courses.
  • Adhere to Code Of Practice For Approved Driving Instructors.

Spotlight on Noble Driving School

  • Our instructors are licensed in Alberta.
  • All our instructors have police clearances.
  • Our instructors have more than ten years experience.
  • All vehicles are licenced to teach in Alberta.
  • Our frist time passing rate is 99 percent.
  • Patient, friendly instructor.
  • Refresher Training Courses.


I went to Noble Driving School for the two day program on July 6&7 and completed my 10 hrs of driving time. I was picked up and dropped off after each of my lessons. Karam was my instructor whom went through each step of the driving process. I didn't know how to parallel park, but Karam taught me how to do it with ease. When I was doing things wrong, he corrected me so I can learn to do better. I took my road test at Argyle Registry after doing two hours of driving before hand and passed my road test so I can get my Class 5 GDL. The class and road time do make you learn how to drive and be a safe defensive driver as well. I would recommend anyone who wants to get their license to give them a try.
Roberta Trapp