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Drivers and pedestrians share responsibility in making Edmonton's roads safer

In June alone, three pedestrians have lost their lives crossing the street in greater Edmonton.
On June 8, 13-year-old Darian Mar was riding his bike home from school in St. Albert when he was struck by a daycare van and died in hospital. On June 17, 57-year-old Wanda Draginda and her dog, Tiggr, were hit in a marked crosswalk in the Lewis Estates neighbourhood... Read more


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  • This business is accredated by better business Bureau.
  • Highly experienced instructors.
  • Automatic Cars for training.
  • Theory classes available on weekend.
  • Intensive training courses.
  • Adhere to Code Of Practice For Approved Driving Instructors.

Spotlight on Noble Driving School

  • Our instructors are licensed in Alberta.
  • All our instructors have police clearances.
  • Our instructors have more than ten years experience.
  • All vehicles are licenced to teach in Alberta.
  • Our frist time passing rate is 99 percent.
  • Patient, friendly instructor.
  • Refresher Training Courses.


I heard of Noble Driving School through a friend and decided to go there because of its price compared to other places. Although the classes are quite long, it was rather easy. Karam was very nice and helpful. He would make sure that everyone understood the material and ensure that students could ask him at any point. I know a friend who also went to Noble and finished everything and got her driver licence in a month. It took me about 3 months to finish the course and the 10 hours of driving but that was because of my busy schedule. My driving instructor, Raman, was very approachable and very patient. There was this period of time where I put my lessons on hold for a couple of weeks and she would kindly send me a text reminder. Learning from her was a great experience. She made sure my nerves were calm and would ensured that I would be all right. She is also an extremely patient instructor and would rarely get frustrated if you did something wrong. Her personality is extremely adorable and hilarious, it definitely help with my nerves. You are in great hands if you got her. I have also heard that there are a bunch a great instructors in Noble from a few friends. Overall, it was rather great experience! And I got my license in one try! Thank you Raman and Noble Driving School!
Michelle Zhou