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9:30 am - 5:00 pm (Edmonton)
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9:00 am - 7:00 pm (Edmonton)

Terms of Services

Terms & Conditions:

  • 24hrs notice for cancellation or reschedule of appointment otherwise $70 will be charged (This is a compensation for the time loss for In-Car instructor. The office is not taking even a penny out of that $70. You must communicate with the Instructor if you have any question on that. Office will not be able to help.). Max 2 reschedule or cancelation allowed. There is no cancelation if student have Pre-booked all lessons in one time.48 hours notice for cancellation or reschedule classroom dates otherwise $100 will be charged. Instructor will pickup student back to back. Student must keep 45 minutes window at end of each lesson to schedule their chores or work. Student will have maximum 30 days to complete online curriculum once logged in and maximum 60 days to login once curriculum link issued and emailed to student. IMPORTANT: Reissue online Curriculum link will cost again $150. Students should complete the online Curriculum well in time to save cost. 

  • $ 50 for providing duplicate certificate if lost by you.  Student will have 6 months to complete full course. $50 will be charged after 6 months to renew registration to resume course. Course completion duration is maximum 2 years. After 2 years we will not be able to find any record of student for any assistance or duplicate certificate. $50 to rewrite in class test. Student must obtain 75% in car & 80% in class in order to get Course Completion Certificate. Certificate will only be mailed out via Canada Post. It is students or Guardians responsibility to update mailing address to school if it is different than their license or file. EMAIL service for certificate will cost $25 to re-coup admin time. $10 will be charged if student mark on question booklet in final quiz. Student must bring FACE SHIELD for each car lesson or student can buy from school for $25.“STUDENTS MUST BRING THEIR OWN DISINFECTANT WIPES EACH CAR LESSON AND WIPE DRIVER SEAT, STEERING WHEEL, GEAR SELECTOR LEVER,SEAT BELT, SIGNAL SWITCH, ETC BEFORE SIT IN CAR. Driving School have zero tolerance policy towards abusive or aggressive language either to our reception or instructor

  • Cancelation of driving lesson (in car) by Instructor with no refund:  Student does not have learner license with them each car lesson. Exhibits any sign of intoxication by alcohol or drugs. Student is late more than 15 minutes for in car lesson. Student is not attentive or disrespectful to Instructor. Student is not wearing proper outfit and foot wear ( Must wear shirt or t-shirt but not sleeveless) If student is not wearing FACE SHIELD. If student have in last 14 days symptoms of Covid-19 or student contacted with any Covid -19 patient or has been recently travelled or have any Covid-19 patient at home. Student must inform to instructor minimum 24 hour prior if any of above Covid-19 term apply on him/her. Dismissal Policy for Classroom: Exhibits any sign of sleep deprivation or intoxication by alcohol or drugs. Student is disturbance for classroom  or disrespectful to Instructor. Cell phone use is prohibited in classroom. Any symptoms for covid-19.

    Refund Policy:  $ 50 Registration Fees will be deductible.$100 for Administrators time if  more than 2 emails or text messages to resolve any issue or interfere by the third party such as Alberta Transportation, BBB or any Financial institution or any cost paid by the Driving School to third party. $ 60 will be charged for per hour whatever hour you have done in car.  $150 will be charged for in-classroom or on-line classroom. There is no refund for online Curriculum once link is issued either started or not started by student. Customer will have to come to office with an appointment to complete refund form. Driving School have zero tolerance policy towards abusive or aggressive language either to reception or instructor. Driving school reserve the right to deny service without any refund if student or Students Parents or Guardian is disrespectful or abusive any time during communication with driving school or instructor.

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